Virtual office in Altrincham

Our virtual office packages are ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners who favour mobility, work from home, remotely or simply do not need a traditional office and the added overhead to carry out their work.

If you choose a plan that includes a meeting room, you can not only rent a desk in our design-led space to co-work but also use our elegant boardroom to schedule appointments or business meetings with clients and suppliers. This will allow you to project a professional business image without the extra overhead.

If you are planning to start a business or if you are already a business owner, you will need a Virtual Office to project the right image, we don’t believe there is any cutting corners with this – first impressions count. provides you with a prestigious business address which you can also register at Companies House, on your business cards, website and other marketing material.

A Virtual Office package at WorkSmart Hub Altrincham is ideal for SME’s that wish to promote multiple business locations, independent professionals such as freelancers and sole traders or larger companies whose staff work remotely.

Our service provides you with a business and correspondence address, telephone number, which you can use anywhere in the world. If your plan includes meeting room use, all of these services will allow you to project a very professional image.

Benefits of a Virtual Office at

• A prestigious business address in Altrincham.
• Correspondence management: we receive and notify you of the receipt of your documents.
• Telephone Number: it is an exclusive local or geographical number for your company.
• Virtual Receptionist: A receptionist answers your calls with the name of your company and we notify you via text or email.
• Boardroom: you can sign up to a plan that includes a number of hours use of our elegant meeting rooms.