Workspace is changing the culture of work

The culture of workspace and the commitment of employees continues to be one of the main concerns of managers of companies across so many sectors.

Culture- so simple right? Wrong.  Strategy, processes and policies can improve the quality of our work and the and the level of competitiveness to a certain degree, but if we want to avoid an environment full of disgruntled employees, leadership and culture also play a very important role. For this reason, today in Altrincham and worldwide, workspace really is changing the culture of work. 

What is the private workspace concept? 

The office is a complete representation of the values, mission and culture of a company or organisation which means it really shouldn’t be generic or uniform.

The diversity and choice of serviced offices available allows each company to match their brand identity and their philosophy to an environment that maximises their performance and output.

Private workspace – is it really productive? 

Psychologists at the Aukland University of Technology in New Zealand conducted a study of 1000 Australian employees to find out what the advantages and disadvantages of open-plan space were for them. Surprisingly, despite its advantages co working offices that we so often promote can often create elements of conflict and distraction, whereas workers who were given their own private space were found to be more productive.

There’s no denying that co working offices are hugely popular, the trend doesn’t seem to be dissipating any time soon, but to ensure they continue to thrive operators need to offer a little private space too, even the installation of desk dividers and screens can provide a level of privacy. If you can offer sound proof solutions such as quirky telephone booths, even better. Co working memberships that include a private meeting room allowance is also a huge benefit to co workers. is a unique serviced office hub in the heart of Altrincham offering space for quiet work and privacy and shared space for creativity and networking, both solutions offer 24/7 access and member discounts.

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