We’re on a mission

We’re on a mission to help everyone work their best life by providing inspirational suburban office space that enhances productivity and promotes a better work-life balance.


Most of us can resonate with how working in uninspiring spaces can definitely impact upon mood, ultimately impacting upon productivity.
Working in an inspiring workspace is a bit like what happens to serotonin levels when the sun comes out, the benefits are staggering.

We can’t stress how important it is for sanity to create a happy place to work!

Get cosy with a cappuccino in our collaboration area

Inspiring workspaces are proven to:

Enhance mood in an inspiring workspace

It just takes that edge off things when work becomes overwhelming, especially if you work for yourself.

Promote well-being

Making us feel better about not just to coming, but also spending so much time at work, making ‘the job’ just that little bit more enjoyable, less boring and repetitive. We all know how easy this is when we spend so much time in the same place.

Happiness anybody?

Happiness is contagious! Happy team members are more likely to support others and ultimately ‘spread the joy’.

Spread that joy 


If people are feeling inspired their creative juices will just flow and flow bringing no end of benefits to your business. Creativity is enhanced when people are working in a creative environment. Creativity is key to innovation.

Did you know that being in an inviting workspace could encourage visitors to pop in and see you, they will be more inspired and they may even look forward to it – cultivating relationships is the end game.

Just visiting 

WorkSmart in our design-led office space 

You must must must invest in decent furniture, cheap and nasty chairs will do you more harm than good, ergonomic furniture is essential for preventing injury. Protect your back – literally.

Keeping clutter to a minimum

You will be surprised how this simple ritual can minimise stress. Some people are more prone to the effects of this than others but a clutter-free working environment will free up just a little bit more room in your head, and that’s never a bad thing is it.

No matter how big or small your break out area, taking a break from your desk really can spark creativity and even better if you can take in nature whilst doing it, WorkSmart’s living wall is a real show stopper.

It’s a living thing!

Workspace design is such a key element for so many workers, affecting motivation, creativity, boosting mood, productively and general happiness levels. People won’t settle for a gloomy environment these days and why should they when there are so many inspiring workspaces to choose from?  That’s why it makes Smart Sense to really think about what you can do to enhance your working environment – even small changes can make a big difference in retaining your talent.

For a tour of our inspiring suburban office space say hello@worksmarthub.co.uk